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Areas of Development

Humanitarian initiatives

Based on the great significance of humanitarian values in Saudi society, we inaugurated multiple social initiatives contributing to the enhancement of knowledge, procreating future opportunities, empowering our society, and spreading education. These include Jameel's Initiative programmes and Hemam Jameel which facilitates the livelihood of people with disabilities and special needs, helping them to excel, innovate and build a sustainable and inclusive society.

Humanitarian initiatives

Jameel Initiatives programmes

Charitable social programmes are of prominent importance at Community Jameel Saudi. They contribute to the facilitation of all available means and services to members of our society, from providing charitable healthcare services to the needy, supporting low-income families, widows, and divorced women to providing them with their basic needs to maintain a stable and dignified standard of living.

Community Jameel Saudi also helps in providing housing and accommodation requirements by establishing integrated systems for asset and building management, inaugurating new Awqaf (mortmain) properties, developing the beneficiaries’ technical and practical skills, and rehabilitating prisoners and supporting their families.

Jameel Initiatives programmes in numbers since 2019


Beneficiaries from Shifa Jameel


Beneficiaries from Qout Jameel


Beneficiaries from Mabarrat Jameel


Beneficiaries from Sakan Jameel


Mosques built by Awqaf Jameel

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