Our pillars constitute the framework for adopting selected initiatives and programmes based on research and data utilisation, adopting state-of-the art technologies, and focusing on the nation’s youth in line with Saudi Vision 2030, with the aim of securing a better and brighter future.

Data and Studies

Community Jameel Saudi supports the advancement of scientific research and progressive studies resulting in discovery of ground-breaking medical treatments, development of vaccines for viral epidemics and infectious diseases and innovating solutions to limit their spread.


We embrace innovation by contributing to the development and implementation of unique and innovative initiatives, which adopt creative and unconventional methods to cater for future challenges.

State-of-the-art Technology

We support initiatives that employ the latest scientific methods and activate advanced technology to rapidly adapt to future trends, align with evolving dynamics, and simulate renewable work patterns.


We invest in our youth’s capabilities and skills and give priority to programmes dedicated to their development and focused on the unlocking young Saudi men and women’s potential by enhancing their growth to achieve their ambitions.

Continuous Development

We concentrate our efforts on scalable projects which pertain permanence to thrive, inherent capacity for growth, continuous development, and rapid expansion to evolve and spread across multiple segments.

Innovating for a better future

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