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Community Wellbeing

At Community Jameel Saudi, we are keen to maintain a healthy and safe society. We steadily contribute to comprehensive healthcare for all community members through an effective and integrated healthcare system. We also partake in establishing leading healthcare facilities that offer distinctive and comprehensive medical services, as well as support the research institutions to serve the vital health sector.

Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital

In line with our wellbeing and health initiatives, we helped inaugurate Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital in 1997, the first healthcare facility of its kind pioneering medical rehabilitation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital offers comprehensive and distinctive rehabilitation programmes for adults and children; which include intensive day-care in the “Seniors club” programme, recreational programmes for the inpatients, autism care programme, outpatient treatment, medical services, sustainable medical care, and home care.

Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital has been the pioneer in launching the Cyberdyne robot in Saudi Arabia which has helped multiple people with mobility over time.

The hospital covers 43,000 sq. m, including eight wards and 120 beds, offering inpatient rooms and treatment as well as rejuvenation wards which overlook natural landscapes and breath-taking views. Facilities also include separate prayer halls, gym, and hydrotherapy area.

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شهادات المستفيدين

The the place I love the most at Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital is here, under the sunroof at the centre of the hospital, where everyone is sincere and friendly. My most enjoyable times are spent visiting the mall and celebrating the national day festivities. I have spent my youth in Japan where my husband was working at the Saudi Embassy. There, I fell in love with the people and learnt a bit of Japanese too!

Aunt Aziza
Senior resident at Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital

Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel was always adamant on resolving everyone’s problems and attending to their needs. He confronted my inconvenience with wisdom and patience, saying ”May God guide you to the righteous path”. I asked him one day “you have projects all over the world, including U.S., U.K. and Egypt, how did you accomplish this success?” He responded, “with honesty and trustworthiness”. During a trip to U.K., France and Switzerland, Sheikh Abdul Latif proposed establishing a care home for the elderly, a resting sanctuary for our retirement. He always focused on development.

Uncle Ahmad
Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel's private nurse, currently a nurse at Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital

When my son first brought me here three years ago, I was a bit tense and sceptical. Now, I am ever so grateful and thank God for being here; I am able to walk again, and I love to spend time listening to the sound of birds singing and chirping all around the greenery of this place. The fact that the entire hospital is on one level helps me move independently.

Uncle Fuad
Senior resident at Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital

Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital in numbers


Patients since establishment

The Jameel Fund for Infectious Disease Research and Innovation

In collaboration with King Abdulaziz University, Community Jameel Saudi launched the Jameel Fund for Infectious Disease Research and Innovation in order to combat Covid-19 and related diseases and illnesses caused by infectious viruses. The Jameel Fund supports numerous research projects and enhances the ability of specialists in identifying, preventing, diagnosing, and treating these diseases.

In addition, the fund publishes accredited articles based on specialised research which is conducted and reviewed by esteemed healthcare specialists and researchers in this field and is overseen by a joint committee that includes representatives from King Abdulaziz University and Imperial College London.



The Jameel Fund for Infectious Disease Research and Innovation is the most recent initiative backed by Community Jameel Saudi to support communal healthcare and help safeguard its wellbeing, through specialised research and studies for combating infectious diseases, in collaboration with King Abdulaziz University & Imperial College London scientists.

The Jameel Fund also supports research and innovations to combat diseases caused by coronaviruses such as COVID-19, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). It also leads the collaboration between two distinguished universities in its collective live saving efforts.

Innovating for a better future

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