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Women Empowerment

At Community Jameel Saudi, we prioritise the enhancement of women’s vital and effective role in our society by empowering and enabling the development of their personal and practical skills from innovation to production. We encourage women to leverage their essential contributions to a prosperous community via a wide range of training, production, and enablement programmes.

Nafisa Shams for Arts and Crafts

Nafisa Shams aims at enabling Saudi women to succeed in the labour market through entrepreneur programmes, specialised training, while providing a professional and supportive environment for productive Saudi Women.

An integrated production line was launched through the delivery of well-equipped workshops to prepare and facilitate a productive work environment for Saudi craftswomen, whilst allowing them the opportunity to work from home. These workshops, help equip women with the necessary tools to produce high-quality products and handmade goods under the supervision of specialised coaches and mentors, thus enhancing their professional craftsmanship and continuing their productive role in society as well as achieving their personal and social aspirations.



Nafisa Shams Incubator also assists in recognising entrepreneurs' ambitions in our female and inspirational environment.

We have fully equipped individual and shared office spaces, meeting rooms, and training halls for workshops and technical and vocational training.

Nafisa Shams Incubator provides a high-quality, well-equipped, and comfortable working environment for various startups.

This greatly assisted businesswomen to gain their business licences and further practice and develop their business.

Nafisa Shams identified that Saudi women’s art and craft skills could be developed into successful enterprises through training, such as in-person

or remote training in a variety of fields of arts. Women are also equipped to be resourceful, whilst attaining their goals and ambitions.



شهادات المستفيدين

“I am grateful to the Nafisa Shams Incubator for providing this opportunity to me and other women by helping us start our own successful businesses.”

Bayan Al-Shahry
Entrepreneur and Master of Plastic Arts

“Female entrepreneurs usually look for an appropriate place to conduct business that will support them. At Nafisa Shams, I found offices, facilities, and a great team who supported us to succeed in this project. Thank you for hosting us, Nafisa Shams!”

Tamadhor Al-Ruhaili
Entrepreneur and founder of Casting Secret

“Nafisa Shams Incubator is the first destination for any woman who wishes to start her own business. Thank you, Nafisa Shams, for this rich opportunity.”

Taghreed Al-Azwari
Entrepreneur and Founder of Azwar Tailoring

“I joined Nafisa Shams Academy through the 'Working from Home' programme. I was able to combine my university studies, a job, and taking care of my children. Today, I have a bachelor's degree, a job, and a permanent salary.”

Salwa Al-Juhani
Master Tailor in Nafisa Shams Academy

Nafisa Shams Academy for Arts and Crafts in numbers since 2006




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