Areas of Development

Our areas of development converge to achieve a primary goal: to act as a catalyst to create job opportunities that lead to better lives, thereby keeping the economy thriving across various industries.

Competency Development

We provide advanced technical training initiatives to enhance practical skills suited to the job market requirements via collaboration with our esteemed partners, culminating in qualification programmes, competitions, and initiatives designed to incentivise and enable our youth.

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Community Wellbeing

Community Jameel Saudi launched an array of health and wellbeing initiatives aimed at maintaining a healthy and safe society, by contributing to the establishment of distinguished medical establishments and research centres serving this vital sector.

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Entrepreneurs Advancement

We support startups and micro, small, and medium sized enterprises by providing technical assistance and knowledge-based expertise to help facilitate and empower entrepreneurs with the proficiency and learning tools, essential for their growth and success.
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Women Empowerment

Contributing to the enhancement of women’s vital role within our society is one of our primary areas of development at Community Jameel Saudi, both on productive and creative scale, through various training and qualification programmes.
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Humanitarian Initiatives

Numerous humanitarian initiatives have been inaugurated, directed at enriching knowledge, procreating future opportunities, contributing to the empowerment of society, and spreading education and learning expertise.
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Climate Change

One of our primary objectives at Community Jameel Saudi, is to strengthen efforts dealing with the increasingly significant challenge of climate change, and in doing so to help create a more sustainable environment for future generations.
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Innovating for a better future

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