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2 February 2022

Community Jameel Saudi Annual Report 2022

  • Competency Development
Community Jameel Saudi Celebrates A Strong Year Of Social Impact and Achievements With Publication of 2022 Report

Community Jameel Saudi issued its annual report for 2022, showcasing its programs and highlighting the accomplishments made towards achieving economic, social, environmental, and technological prosperity for the year. The report discusses the foundation’s work in specific areas of development, such as Competency Development, Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurs Advancement, Community Wellbeing, Science and Technology, Preserving the Environment, Inspiring Innovation, Continuous Development of Education, and Humanitarian Initiatives.

The report also sheds light on Community Jameel Saudi’s overall economic and social impact, with the total number of beneficiaries of the foundation’s initiatives during 2022 alone exceeding 33,000 people, which include initiatives that contribute to providing job opportunities for youths, programs that aims to improve the community’s living standards, and other projects aligned with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030’s goals.

Hassan Jameel, Vice Chairman of Community Jameel Saudi, commented, “The outstanding results in 2022 are a testament to our exceptional colleagues at Community Jameel Saudi. Advancing in 2023, we look forward to continuing our collaborative work by providing solutions which contribute to establishing a better future for all members of society. With Saudi Arabia continuing to progress rapidly, we have evaluated the Foundation’s vision, mission, and strategy to ensure it is in line with achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.”



Key insights from the report have been summarised below:

–  In 2022, Bab Rizq Jameel Recruitment Company, which is affiliated with Community Jameel Saudi, contributed to providing more than 14,000 job opportunities in the Kingdom. Since its inception, the company has offered young men and women 388,756 job opportunities in total.

– To enhance the role of women as essential and active contributors to Saudi society, the Nafisa Shams Academy, another initiative by Community Jameel Saudi, has provided nearly 2,000qualification and training opportunities through 36 programs in entrepreneurship and vocational skills. Additionally, they created a professional work environment for women, which led to the production of 156,152 handmade products during the year.

– To advance entrepreneurship, Bab Rizq Jameel Microfinance granted loans totalling 98 million Saudi riyals in 2022 to 1,781 beneficiaries across the Kingdom.

– Babb Rizq Jameel Cloud Services provided a set of integrated and easy-to-use smart tools and solutions to 92 establishments for designing and hosting websites, developing mobile applications, and launching online stores.

– Community Jameel Saudi also held the MIT Enterprise Forum Competition for start-ups to promote and enrich the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region and support start-ups. Hailedas a success, the forum witnessed the participation of 10,000 people from over 20 countries and 2,600 registered projects.

– The Humanitarian Initiatives launched in 2022 supported a wide societal segment, providing them with facilities and services, such as health services to 624 beneficiaries (Shifa Jameel),meeting the needs of 690 people with special needs (Hemam Jameel), provision of living requirements and basics for 234 individuals (Sakan Jameel), and monthly financial allocations for 400 cases (Jood Jameel).

– The Tanweer Jameel Programme organised international educational and recreational trips to inspire and reward orphans achieving academic excellence. In partnership with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, two trips were arranged to Malaysia in 2022, attended by 40 male and female students.

– In cooperation with the General Administration of Education in Jeddah, Community Jameel Saudi launched the Lean Management Initiative in schools to localise the principles of LeanManagement and continuous improvement (Kaizen) in the Saudi educational ecosystem. This initiative increased efficiencies by saving 90 working days and reducing 5-15% ofprocurement and maintenance costs at Cordoba Private School.

–  Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital, considered the first health facility of its kind in Saudi Arabia in terms of specialising in medical rehabilitation, continued providing its life-changing services to6,930 patients in 2022.

The Jameel Fund for Infectious Disease Research and Innovation by Community Jameel Saudi funded 13 research projects at Imperial College London and King Abdulaziz University, including two joint projects between the two institutions.

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