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20 July 2022

Community Jameel Saudi in partnership with the General Administration of Education and Four Principles conclude the Lean Management program in Saudi Arabia

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Community Jameel Saudi Arabia and the General Administration of Education in Jeddah embarked on a Lean Management program in collaboration with Four Principles and Qurtubah Private School on 9th May 2022, to achieve the goals of the Ministry of Education and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision.
Community Jameel Saudi in partnership with the General Administration of Education and Four Principles conclude the Lean Management program in Saudi Arabia - 1

The aim of the program was to redesign the school’s operating model, building new methods, competencies, and proficiencies that allow students, teachers, and school management to improve performance, achieve higher competitiveness, and raise levels of efficiency.


The Four Principles team achieved this goal by providing the Qurtubah Private School’s management with the tools and enablers to apply Lean management principles, working on a new concept that extends beyond the school to impact the daily lives of the students, parents, and teachers. Consequently, the school is equipped with the pathway to design and foster a new future by applying a scientific approach based on Lean management principles.


Through the initiatives that were implemented, Four Principles in collaboration with Qurtubah Private School were able to free up the educational officer’s time by more than 320 hours allowing additional focus on catering to students’ needs and enhancing academic performance. This was made possible via the development of scheduling software which supports the school in customizing courses and teachers to classes throughout the school’s calendar year and class levels. A tool is an automated software addressing a significant amount of data and a high level of complexity based on a Four Principles algorithm designed specifically for the school’s needs.


Furthermore, the different solutions developed for the school increased the effectiveness of the supporting departments’ procedures which boosted their capacity by adding more than 656 free hours. This also reduced procurement costs by 15%, maintenance costs by 5%, and the average calls to parents regarding fee collection by 44%. Four Principles also unlocked the school’s promotional capabilities by leveraging the Net Promotor Score index and the corresponding feedback loop. Last but not least, the program planted the seeds of curiosity for continuous improvement among the students.


This program is an initial stage for a broader scope in the future to include other schools across the kingdom. Lessons and experiences gained through this project will be utilized to improve its application during the rollout to other schools, thus spreading the mentality of continuous improvement across the schools in the Kingdom.


All the parties involved in this program are proud of the results that were achieved in enabling the continuous improvement approach “Kaizen” in Saudi schools by building on the foundations of Lean management.


Mansour Al-Qahtani, Principal of the Secondary Department at Qurtubah Private School, Jeddah, said: “The program consisted of a variety of initiatives and positive results. For example, the comprehensive employee initiative resulted in time and effort reductions as well as obtaining client satisfaction. Similarly, the scheduling tool initiative was able to reduce the scheduling time drastically, and the voice of the customer initiative was a great experience to improve the client-related processes”


Abdalla Aly Taleb Abd Elrahman Abou Anza, Manager for Social Initiatives at Community Jameel Saudi, said:” We aspire with the Ministry of Education to transfer this experience to a large group of schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Four Principles,Seif Shieshaklysaid:We are delighted by the success of this initiative as we were able to transfer the Kaizen mindset to all participants from Qurtubah Private School and achieve tangible performance improvements and students’ satisfaction enhancements that went beyond everyone’s expectations.

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