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9 August 2023

Tanweer Jameel Program Rewards Exceptional Orphans with Educational Trips

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The Tanweer Jameel programme recently concluded its summer trips, which served as rewards for orphans with outstanding academic performance throughout the year 2023. Organised by Community Jameel Saudi Foundation, a philanthropic organization that was established by Shaikh Mohammed Jameel and offer many programmes and initiatives that aim to achieve economic, social, technological, and environmental prosperity in Saudi in accordance with Vision 2030, in collaboration with the Rehabilitation and Social Guidance Agency of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

The summer trips took place in July and included two separate journeys, one to Japan for girls and another to Thailand for boys. A total of 40 students between the ages of 13 and 18, from various orphanages across the Kingdom, participated in this year’s Tanweer Jameel programme. These exceptional students demonstrated remarkable commitment, outstanding academic performance, and exceptional talent throughout the academic year.

During the trips, students engaged in various interesting educational and recreational activities. They explored over 25 tourist, cultural, historical, scientific, and entertainment attractions in both countries. A key highlight of the two trips was meeting the Saudi ambassadors representing the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Japan and Thailand. The trips offered an opportunity to develop personal, leadership, and creative capabilities of all participating students. It also includes activities that promote edutainment, allowing students to discover and appreciate the cultures and histories of other nations.

In Japan, the students visited historical museums, cultural centers, and scientific and technical centers, such as the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), the Toyota factory, and the Panasonic Center Tokyo. They also enjoyed excursions to popular attractions such as Tokyo Disneyland, the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower, and places offering advanced technical experiences, like gaming halls and the samurai experience in Asaka. The trip concluded with a meeting with the Saudi Ambassador to Japan, His Excellency Mr. Nayef bin Marzouq Al-Fahadi, who warmly welcomed the students and wished them success in their future academic and professional endeavours.

During their trip to Thailand, the students experienced various interesting activities, learned about the local culture, and enjoyed the scenic tropical and coastal landscapes. Besides spending time in Bangkok, they visited Phuket and Pattaya and engaged in marine activities at the picturesque Coral Island. The students also explored the Thai National Observatory, the planetarium, and the old Phuket region. Shopping centers and the famous cashew factory were among other highlights of the trip. The adventure continued with a day at the Andamanda Water Park and King Mongkut’s University of Technology in Bangkok. The program’s conclusion included a meeting with the Saudi Ambassador to Thailand, His Excellency Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Suhaibani, who welcomed the group for lunch and expressed his gratitude to Community Jameel Saudi and the Ministry for organising the trip.

Dr. May Taibah, a Member of the Board of Trustees at Community Jameel Saudi, expressed her pleasure with the outcomes of the Tanweer Jameel programme’s recent trips, saying: “I am happy to continue this close collaboration between Community Jameel Saudi and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to achieve the social and economic development goals outlined in Vision 2030. We are delighted to witness the successful Tanweer Jameel Program trips to Japan and Thailand in 2023. These trips proved instrumental in enriching the students’ thinking, fostering personal and leadership growth, facilitating intercultural communication, and acquainting them with centers of scientific progress and innovation. Which will not only benefit the participants, but also contribute to the betterment of their society and country.”

Ibtihal Ali Al-Saawi, General Manager of the General Administration for the Care and Empowerment of Orphans at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, said: “Since the launch of the cooperative program, we have organised twenty trips to various countries around world with the purpose of enhancing the spirit of competition among the students participating in the trips and encouraging them to achieve academic excellence. The trips also provide a valuable opportunity for students to visit the most important tourist, industrial, and technical attractions around the world.”

Participating student Hind Nasser, who went to Japan, expressed her happiness to participate in this trip and said: “I benefited and enjoyed my time immensely from visiting many cultural and scientific attractions. I was excited to explore the world of engineering when we visited the Toyota factory and the Nissan exhibitions. We were briefed on technical, engineering and creative development. One of the most rewarding moments of the trip was our meeting with the Saudi Ambassador to Japan, His Excellency Mr. Nayef Al-Fahadi.”

Another student in the journey to Thailand, Saud Abdul Rahman Saad, said: “The trip helped me develop cooperation, communication and teamwork skills.” Khaled Saud Mohammed added: “We enjoyed visiting three cities in Thailand and several scientific centers, universities, and recreational centers, and we were pleased to meet the Saudi Ambassador to Thailand, His Excellency Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Suhaibani.”

Since its inception, the Tanweer Jameel program has seen the participation of 420 male and female students in 20 international trips to countries such as France, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. This program reflects Community Jameel Saudi’s commitment to social responsibility and its dedication to empowering academically outstanding orphans, thereby contributing to building a promising future for them and their communities.

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