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20 July 2022

Lean management for school

  • Community Wellbeing
Based on our dedication to the continuous improvement and development of the education sector, and following the guidelines of Saudi vision 2030 which seeks to reach spending efficiency, raise performance levels, and improve the outcomes of the educational process, we in #CommunityJameelSaudi, worked with the Qurtubah Private Schools in Jeddah and the Four Principles ( one of ALJ’s affiliate companies which specializes in applying Kaizen philosophy for continuous improvement), to apply the Lean Management Approach in the school.
Lean management for school - 1

Experts from the tripartite team worked together to analyze all the school’s operations in various departments, identified areas of potential improvement, and suggested solutions to bridge gaps and improve efficiency. This resulted in many initiatives and programs that radically improved the operational and organizational efficiency of Qurtubah Private School, and had a direct impact on its financial performance, and administrative in several aspects, such as reducing waste and improving the quality of operations and governance of operations.

Lean management for school - 3

As a result of the first pilot many positive changes were applied to the school management systems such as rationing the school spending on procurement by over 15% and 5% on maintenance work while the average number of calls to parents regarding the collection of tuition fee was reduced by 44%.

This successful experience is a testament to the great positive impact that may result from cooperation between the educational and third sectors in the Kingdom, and it is an opportunity to improve one of the largest and most important public vital sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in order to achieve our mission to serve the various segments of society by harnessing the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.


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