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10 February 2016

Bab Rizq Jameel Continues its Growth on the International Level

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• The total activity internationally in Egypt, Turkey, and Morocco amounted to 52,483 job opportunities.
• Egypt set the record for the highest growth rate in job opportunities that Bab Rizq Jameel helped to provide in 2015.
BRJ Results

Bab Rizq Jameel (BRJ), an initiative of Community Jameel, announced an increase in its activity on the international level. In 2015, it managed to provide 52,483 job opportunities in Egypt, Turkey, and Morocco. Hence, the total result achieved by BRJ internationally since its start in 2009 till the end of 2015 was about 212,654 job opportunities.

Egypt came in first place, with 47,113 job opportunities realized in 2015 and 180,679 in the last seven years. Morocco came in second place with 5,018 job opportunities, and Turkey followed with 352 job opportunities in 2015, through the different BRJ programs that cover a number variety of sectors.

Moreover, the preliminary numbers reveal that the number of females who took advantage of the job opportunities that the BRJ branches helped to provide in Egypt was 43,440 in 2015, while the number of males was 3,673.

Regarding programs, the Productive Family Program that seeks to support and finance productive families projects, scored the highest growth rate in Egypt, as it jumped from 6,656 job opportunities in 2009 to 42,582 in 2015, thus resulting in a total of 158,518 job opportunities in the last seven years. In Morocco, during the same period, the same program achieved 4,994 job opportunities, bringing their total over the last five years to 27,099 job opportunities.

The Small Business Finance Program, one of the oldest of BRJ’s programs, helped to provide more than 3,153 job opportunities for the owners of these projects in Egypt. Moreover, BRJ financed the projects and supported them through counselling and administrative services, bringing the total of job opportunities realized since its start in Egypt in 2009 to 15,137.

On the occasion of announcing the preliminary results of BRJ’s activities internationally, Dr. Moaz Faramawi, Executive Director of BRJ International Branches, stated, “The performance of BRJ on the international level was significant between 2009 and 2015, as it achieved an overall growth rate of 659.4% since its start. This growth was largely due to the successful strategy of diversifying programs, extending the necessary support, and conducting a thorough study of the market needs and job seekers.”

The Light Transportation Vehicles Program (LTV), one of the special programs, assisted in providing more than 1,322 job opportunities in 2015, 14 of which were for women who owned (LTV) and employed a member of her family to work on it, bringing the total of job opportunities realized since its start in Egypt in 2010 to 6509 job opportunities.

Moreover, in support to the (LTV) in BRJ Egypt and other companies that has a similar program, BRJ Egypt started a company for light transportation with the aim of providing light transportation for BRJ Egypt and similar companies hence help in providing additional job opportunities. In just 4 months, the company managed to provide 349 light transportation vehicles for BRJ Egypt. The means of transportation offered included 259 motorcycles, 12 Vespas (used for providing job opportunities for delivery boys from restaurants and supermarkets to clients), and 78 tricycles (used mainly to provide job opportunities for selling vegetables, clothes, and dry food, but also used as a mini restaurant and for transporting goods).

Faramawi pointed out that branches of international BRJ are in in Turkey, Morocco, and Egypt, and BRJ is currently working on opening branches in Algeria and Jordan, to provide significant job opportunities for unemployed young men and women via specialized companies that effectively contribute to combating unemployment.

BRJ was established in KSA in 2003 and in Egypt in 2009, while it was launched in Turkey and Morocco in 2010 and 2011, respectively, with the aims of providing job opportunities for young men and women, introducing qualified job seekers to companies and establishments, and supporting small business owners with loans and other BRJ programs. The first program BRJ started was the Taxi Ownership Program, which achieved great success that contributed to the continuity and development of BRJ programs to include all categories and both genders.

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