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17 November 2020

Bright Ideas by Saudi Women to combat child Sexual Abuse

  • Women Empowerment
Bright Ideas by Saudi Women to combat child Sexual Abuse - 1

The team was keen to provide a strong and easy-to-grasp text dedicated for children to ensure entertainment while taking into account the various standards and recommendations made by female mental health clinicians. The text of the play was also reviewed by women educational specialists.

The show was greatly applauded by children and mothers alike. Through this piece of art, the members of Omniyat Mushrqah (Bright Wishes) team have managed to bring to light a new local and competitive source of entertainment. Nafisa Shams business incubator was a launching point for the team. It provided them with spaces that meet the requirements of the theatrical performance. Indeed, one of the most important goals of the incubator is providing various spaces that satisfy the needs of female entrepreneurs, and this is yet embodied in the spatial diversity and specially equipped rooms it offers them.

Commenting on the show which she attended with her 7-year-old daughter, Umm Anas said: “My daughter always feels bored. For the first time, she wants to watch a show many times. She was very happy and quickly received the intended message. Without any interference from my side, she understood what child sexual abuse is and how she should act in case she becomes in such a situation. As an adult, I was much impressed by the show in terms of direction, decoration and clothes. I really want to extend my thanks to Omniyat Mushrqah (Bright Wishes) team for this unique performance. ”

For her part, Ms. May Taibah, Senior General Manager of Nafisa Shams, stated that the strategic goal of Nafisa Shams business incubator is to provide support to female entrepreneurs and help them underscore the competitive advantages of their projects. Support is also provided by making available diversified work environment that can meet the requirements of the projects, especially those that contribute to raising the awareness of the society or reintroduce stereotyped ideas through innovative ways which help disseminate a new culture for dealing with societal issues while taking into account the speed of our times.

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