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7 March 2023

Community Jameel Saudi launches training and employment initiatives to participating in the national campaign “Project Rabeh”

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Community Jameel Saudi launches training and employment initiatives to participating in the national campaign "Project Rabeh" - 1


Community Jameel Foundation announced the launch of a range of Training-Ending-With- Employment Programme, as part of its commitment to supporting economic development and facilitating Saudi youth’s entry into the job market. This announcement is part of the “Project Rabeh” campaign, a nationwide initiative spearheaded by the National Center for the Development of the Non-Profit Sector, which strives to heighten individuals’ awareness of the non-profit sector’s development opportunities and encourages greater community participation in developing it; hence, maximizing its impact, and establishing stronger collaborative partnerships with the other sectors.

Bab Rizq Jameel, a part of Community Jameel Saudi, will offer Training-Ending-With-Employment Programmes in the hotel and tourism sectors. At the same time, Nafisa Shams Academy for Arts and Crafts, an initiative by Community Jameel Saudi, will oversee the soft and professional skills training Programmes. These initiatives will empower individuals with the tools and knowledge required to contribute to the national economy, motivating them to engage their efforts, skills, and knowledge in community development activities.

In the initial phase, Bab Rizq Jameel will launch training-ending-with- employment Programmes to equip Saudi youths to work in the hotel and hospitality sector. The subsequent phase will focus on the tourism sector. Collaborating with local training partners, Bab Rizq Jameel will provide tailored training in compliance with international best practices and labor market demands. Meanwhile, employment partners will offer employment opportunities to Programmes graduates based on their expansion necessities, which will aid in reducing unemployment and contribute to Saudi Vision 2030’s goals.

The Nafisa Shams Academy for Arts and Crafts will introduce various online training Programmes to enhance the skills of 3,000 young people in significant areas, including fundamental soft skills and several job-specific and professional skills necessary for fresh entry-level jobs to the labor market. A team of career mentors and professional development experts will supervise the courses. The Academy is focused on committing to closing the skills gap between academic achievements and labor market demands, enabling young individuals to acquire the required skills, aligning with Vision 2030’s Human Capability Development Programmes.

Dr. May Taibah, Member of the Board of Trustees at Community Jameel Saudi and Director of Bab Rizq Jameel and Nafisa Shams, said: “We appreciate the exceptional efforts of the National Center for the Non-Profit Sector in supporting and inspiring community involvement in non-profit activities. We are delighted to be a part of the ‘Project Rabeh’ campaign, which encourages individuals to contribute with hard work, knowledge, and enthusiasm to the development of society and the economy. Our active participation in strategic initiatives under this campaign underscores Community Jameel Saudi’s pioneering position and contribution to accomplishing the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, such as increasing the non-profit sector’s contribution to the GDP.”

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