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26 July 2023

Nafisa Shams Academy Launches Online E-learning Platform. The Academy obtains accreditation from National eLearning Center in Saudi Arabia

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Nafisa Shams Academy Launches Online E-learning Platform. The Academy obtains accreditation from National eLearning Center in Saudi Arabia - 1

Nafisa Shams Academy for Arts and Crafts, one of the organisations supported by Community Jameel Saudi Foundation, launched an online e-learning platform to expand its offerings and provide remote training to a wider audience with more flexible schedules. Notably, the Academy obtained accreditation from the National eLearning Center, the regulatory body for certifying e-learning institutions and programs in Saudi Arabia. The license recognises the Academy’s capability and readiness to deliver online education and training programs, in accordance with best practices and national standards.

Launching the new platform is in line with Nafisa Shams Academy’s strategy that focuses on empowering Saudi women in the arts and crafts fields through training and education. The Academy delivers a host of training programmes to develop skills and abilities, supporting women in establishing their own businesses, and achieving financial sustainability. It also supports Vision 2030’s goals, including strengthening women’s participation in the labor market, aligning academic outputs with the labor market needs, and developing the youth’s skills.

Dr. May Taibah, Nafisa Shams Academy’s Director, said: “At Nafisa Shams Academy, we strive to harness the latest technology trends to facilitate access to our training services. In line with the continuous change in customers’ behaviors and preferences, we launched a digital transformation strategy leveraging advanced technology solutions to provide our trainees with more educational and training opportunities. We are pleased today to launch Nafisa Shams Academy’s online portal and we are proud of the accreditation from the Kingdom’s National eLearning Center, which confirms our readiness to provide online training in accordance with the national standards.”

Najlaa Yousef Safdar, Digital Development Manager at Nafisa Shams Academy, said: “While designing the online platform, all seven required standards of the regulatory authorities were taken into consideration. These cover leadership, technology, qualification and support, design, engagement, justice, and accessibility. We have developed a strong infrastructure to accommodate all of the needs of e-learning materials. In addition, we have applied accessibility standards, adhered to the requirements of intellectual property rights and copyrights, observed fair use and data privacy guidelines, and followed universal design principles for education.”

Nafisa Shams Academy of Arts and Crafts was established in 2006 under the umbrella of Community Jameel Saudi (or Abdul Latif Jameel Community Service Programs at the time). It was named after the wife of the late founder of the group, Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel. The Academy works hands in hand with Nafisa Shams Company, which specializes in traditional arts and crafts manufacturing, to provide a comprehensive empowering ecosystem that enables women to contribute to Saudi’s economic and social development in the Kingdom. Since its establishment, the Academy has trained more than 17,000 beneficiaries in various fields.

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