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2 October 2022

Community Jameel Saudi partners with the Arabian Coffee Institute

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New agreement is part of Community Jameel Saudi’s commitment to technical skill development, enabling Saudi youth to meet industry demands
Community Jameel Saudi partners with the Arabian Coffee Institute - 1

Community Jameel Saudi signed an agreement with the Arabian Coffee Institute, during the Saudi Coffee Festival which is taking place 29 September to 1 October in Riyadh. The collaboration will see the development of several developmental programmes by the Arabian Coffee Institute to support the growth of the coffee industry in Saudi Arabia.

The courses focus on upskilling Saudi youth in coffee preparation and serving, meeting the demands of the growing F&B industry and providing them with opportunities to ultimately contribute to the Kingdom’s flourishing economy.

The agreement falls in line with the strategic goals of the Culinary Arts Commission and Ministry of Culture, cementing Community Jameel Saudi’s commitment to achieving Vision 2030 and reducing unemployment through the provision of  job opportunities for the country’s youth. This, in turn, contributes to a higher quality of life and economic prosperity in various sectors in the Kingdom. Coinciding with Saudi National Day and the Year of Saudi Coffee, the signing of this agreement supports an even wider segment of beneficiaries and stakeholders.

The agreement was signed amid the activities of the Saudi Coffee Festival at The Arena Riyadh Venue for Exhibitions in the presence of Ms. Mayada Badr, CEO of the Culinary Arts Authority, Mohammed Abdulgafar, General Manager of Entrepreneurship & Social Initiatives at Community Jameel Saudi and Almohanad Almarwai Founder & CEO of the Arabian Coffee Institute.

On the occasion, Ms. Mayada Badr, CEO of the Culinary Arts Authority, said: “The coffee sector in the Kingdom is witnessing a remarkable growth supported by a high demand for coffee of all kinds. Saudi coffee is undoubtedly linked to the cultural heritage of the Kingdom, as it is a symbol of generosity and authentic Saudi hospitality and a pillar of Saudi occasions. Recognizing the significance of the industry’s development, I am pleased to be here at the signing ceremony for the collaborative agreement between Community Jameel Saudi and the Arabian Coffee Institute.”

She added, “I believe this partnership will be a gateway to more partnerships that contribute to strengthening the sector and providing job opportunities that support the aspirations of Saudi youth.”

His Excellency the CEO of the Saudi Coffee Company, Eng. Raja Alharbi, said: “The Saudi Coffee Company plays a key role in supporting the endeavors aimed at developing the coffee industry and celebrating its authentic traditions in the Kingdom. Today, we are pleased to attend the signing ceremony of this distinguished agreement, and encourage new forms of cooperation with various governmental, tourism and community agencies that promote the industry and involve various segments of society in the art of coffee. Coffee has long been cultivated in the Kingdom, and is now getting the recognition it deserves both locally and internationally.”

Dr. May Taibah, Member of the Board of Trustees of Community Jameel Saudi said: “Since its establishment, Community Jameel Saudi has committed to launching initiatives that contribute to achieving an integrated strategic goal, the pursuit of a better future, by helping provide suitable job opportunities for the youth of the country and maintaining the prosperity of the Kingdom’s economy in various fields. We look forward to our partnership with the Arabian Coffee Institute, enabling Saudi youth to contribute economically to the coffee sector and enrich the local experience. We are hopeful that this partnership is the beginning of a distinguished relationship and a catalyst for future collaborative projects that help achieve Vision 2030, especially as we celebrate Saudi National Day.”

Almohanad Almarwai, Founder and CEO of the Arabian Coffee Institute, said: “We are pleased to sign a partnership agreement with Community Jameel Saudi, to strengthen our shared vision and aid in the skill development of Saudi youth, encouraging them to take on jobs in various sectors of the Kingdom. Our team of experts, trainers and researchers at the Arabian Coffee Institute cover all aspects of the promising coffee sector from promoting coffee and its importance and benefits, to expanding its cultivation and investment. This will contribute to the development of the coffee industry in the Kingdom and attract more Saudi youth to join the workforce and engage in qualitative development.”

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