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7 February 2023

Hemam Jameel boosts labor market inclusion for people with special needs through an e-commerce bootcamp

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Hemam Jameel boosts labor market inclusion for people with special needs through an e-commerce bootcamp - 1

Hemam Jameel, an initiative of Community Jameel Saudi dedicated towards empowerment and inclusion of for people with special needs, recently introduced a unique training programme focused on developing e-commerce competencies for people with disabilities in Saudi Arabia. The programme was titled “How to Start Your Own Freelance Business”; it lasted for a month and offered training sessions and workshops to facilitate the access of people with disabilities to the latest technologies in the e-commerce sector. The virtual programme was held between December 18, 2022, and January 16, 2023, with 15 participants aged between 18 to 30 years, who were selected through Efaa Association for the care of people with disabilities, a key partner of the programme, which screened nominees based on their basic technical and business knowledge.

Under the umbrella of Community Jameel Saudi, Hemam Jameel works to empower people with disabilities socially, economically, and professionally, and addresses the challenges they face. The programme included mentorship sessions and 8 days of practical training by experts in the field. It aimed at refining the trainees’ skills in business development tools, financial management, and marketing. Graduates of the programme were also considered to receive financing solutions from Bab Rizq Jameel Company for Microfinancing. The importance of the programme lies in empowering participants in creating and developing their own career paths for the future. In addition to launching online stores, the bootcamp covered launching freelancing projects offering opportunities and flexibility that is suitable for their individual needs, raising the success rates of graduates embarking into the world of entrepreneurship.

Commenting on the launch, Abdalla Taleb, Manager of Social Initiatives at Community Jameel Saudi, said: “Since inception, Hemam Jameel has been committed to providing people of disabilities with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to help them generate income and create job opportunities. We are proud to launch this programme to ensure that our beneficiaries have equal access to the latest technology, and that economic opportunities are accessible by all. E-commerce is a vital and fast-evolving industry in the Kingdom, and we believe that this platform will enable people with disabilities to amplify their reach and tap into new markets while contributing to the overall economy of the Kingdom.”

Rana Taiba, CEO of Efaa Association for the Care of People with Disabilities in the Eastern Province, stressed on the important role of community partnerships in enhancing the effectiveness of programmes directed to People with Disabilities. Hayat Al-Wadi, Director of Training and Development at Efaa, said: “The initiative’s main goal is to equip the beneficiaries with a set of skills that enable them reach financial independence and improved livelihoods. Hence, this programme is considered the 1st of its kind, and come in alignment with Vision 2030 goals, by encouraging the collaboration of the various sectors to provide opportunities that empower People with Disabilities and prepare them for the labour market. Efaa is pleased to be part of this fruitful collaboration with its partners for the better good of the sector.”

The e-commerce industry in the Kingdom has experienced remarkable growth during the pandemic, as consumers shifted to online shopping to meet their needs. In a recent report from Boston Consulting Group and Meta, Saudi Arabia’s e-commerce market has witnessed a rapid growth in recent years, which is projected to reach SAR 50 billion by 2050; making it one of the most promising sectors for entrepreneurs.

Through the launch of this initiative, Hemam Jameel aims to improve the lives of people with disabilities and fully integrate them into society, in line with Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program targets, which aims to empower People with Disabilities to enter the workforce, as well as the Human Capacity Development Program which aims to expand vocational training to meet the needs of the labour market, improve the readiness of youth to enter the workforce, and promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Seeking to empower people with disabilities every step of their journeies, Hemam Jameel will continue to provide support and care to them in various aspects of their social and professional life.

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