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14 July 2023

Hemam Jameel Collaborates with Ebsar Foundation to Empower People with Visual Impairments

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Hemam Jameel Collaborates with Ebsar Foundation to Empower People with Visual Impairments - 1

Hemam Jameel, a Community Jameel Saudi’s Programme that is dedicated towards the empowerment and inclusion of people with special needs, has signed an agreement with Ebsar Foundation to launch the Capable Initiative, a training initiative to cultivate and nurture an entrepreneurial culture among visually impaired individuals. The project will focus on developing their entrepreneurial skills, exploring available opportunities, and equipping them with the necessary tools to launch projects, fostering financial independence, and facilitating the transition from dependence to personal growth and development.

Held in cooperation with Nafisa Shams Academy, the Capable Initiative will kick off in July and run for four months. It will include enrichment activities, training courses, and entrepreneurial consultations covering several topics, such as strategic planning, project management, marketing, financing, and innovation. The initiative is expected to attract up to 200 beneficiaries of training sessions and 1,000 beneficiaries of enrichment activities, in addition to supporting twenty people with visual impairments to establish their e-commerce startups.

Najlaa Yousef Safdar, Digital Development Manager at Nafisa Shams, said: “Launching the Capable Initiative aligns with Vision 2030’s objective of driving entrepreneurship and is an important step towards empowering people with visual disabilities and developing their entrepreneurial skills. The initiative strives to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with visual impairments by offering tailored guidance and training. By providing comprehensive support, including financial, logistical, and marketing assistance, participants can confidently launch and grow their projects in a safe and nurturing space.”

Abdalla Taleb, the Manager for Social Initiatives at Community Jameel Saudi, said: “The partnership between Hemam Jameel and Ebsar Foundation is a testament to our shared vision of promoting inclusivity and creating a supportive environment for people with visual disabilities. By empowering individuals and fostering self-reliance, Hemam Jameel, under the Community Jameel Saudi umbrella, is positively impacting the lives of those who face unique challenges. The Capable Initiative enables individuals to develop and launch successful business ventures, giving them equal opportunities to achieve financial independence. Ultimately, Hemam Jameel is raising the success rates of individuals who may have otherwise struggled to find their place in the professional world.”

Amal bint Hamdan Al-Hunaiti, Chief Executive Officer of Ebsar Foundation, added: “The Capable Initiative goes beyond traditional training, as it contributes to strengthening communication and understanding between the society and individuals with visual impairments, providing them with the best income opportunities. We are committed to supporting and empowering these individuals to become successful pioneers in their fields. We look forward to starting the training program soon and contributing to building a more inclusive and empowering society for individuals with visual impairments.”

Al-Hunaiti added that this project is entirely consistent with the objectives of integrating people with disabilities into the labour market stipulated in the National Transformation Program, one of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030Realization Programmes. Hemam Jameel actively seeks strategic partnerships to support individuals with disabilities and promote inclusion in various fields. This is also in line with the mission of the Ebsar Foundation, which focuses on empowering individuals with visual impairments.

This initiative is part of Hemam Jameel’s Entrepreneurship Track, helping people with disabilities to launch their entrepreneurial projects from scratch and providing them with courses and technologies to achieve economic independence. Hemam Jameel is currently getting ready to launch other initiatives in the Training and Employment Track that helps people with disabilities achieve professional success and develop their capabilities and skills. In addition, Hemam Jameel’s Comprehensive Access Track helps commercial establishments to obtain the “Mowaamah Certificate” issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, by achieving compliance with national standards for universal accessibility for people with disabilities.

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