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20 December 2023

Community Jameel Saudi Foundation Collaborates with the Bunyan Society for Social Services to Support Access to Education

  • Humanitarian Initiatives
Community Jameel Saudi Foundation Collaborates with the Bunyan Society for Social Services to Support Access to Education - 1

As a part of Community Jameel Saudi Foundation’s extensive work in the Humanitarian Initiatives area of development and based on its keenness to support education and its availability to all segments of society, Community Jameel Saudi signed a cooperation agreement with the Bunyan Society for Social Services in Riyadh. The agreement stipulates that Community Jameel Saudi will support the society’s beneficiaries in completing their academic journey. Notably, Bunyan Society is a charity that aims to bridge the social and economic gaps for its beneficiaries, with the goal of empowering them in different fields.

The cooperation between the two parties will allow disadvantaged segments of society to obtain educational qualifications. This support will give them access to better job opportunities and generate a higher income. This will allow the beneficiaries to climb the social ladder and move them from a state of need to sufficiency. Bunyan will be responsible for nominating the applicants to receive the support according to precise criteria to ensure their eligibility. It will also follow up on the supported cases until they complete their education. The collaboration will cover different educational levels.

Commenting on this agreement, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abdul Latif Jameel, Hassan Jameel, said: “We are pleased to sign this agreement with Bunyan Society to support our community members in completing their education. We believe in the importance of providing education for all. We are always keen on programs that will facilitate the provision of resources to those in need, empowering them to achieve academic success. This will be reflected in their professional and personal future and the prosperity of the overall society.”

For her part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bunyan Society for Social Services, Turkiya Al-Fares, said: “The education support program at the Bunyan Society was launched in 2018, and we have supported more than 300 students since then. We are grateful for the generous support from the Community Jameel Saudi Foundation, which will undoubtedly significantly impact the lives of the beneficiaries, enabling them to pursue their educational aspirations, build a better future for themselves, and fulfill their role towards their communities.”

It is worth noting that Jameel’s Social Programs, provided by Community Jameel Saudi over the past 78 years, have supported the most underprivileged segments of society, such as facilitating access to education, health, and housing services. It also contributed to providing the basics of a decent life, and developing the educational and practical skills for beneficiaries. These programs are based on the Community Jameel Saudi Foundation’s vision, which is in line with Vision 2030’s goals of building a better future and contributing to the social, economic, environmental, and technical prosperity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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