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5 June 2023

Nafisa Shams Celebrate a Milestone: One Million Locally Made Artisanal Products

  • Women Empowerment
Nafisa Shams Celebrate a Milestone: One Million Locally Made Artisanal Products - 1

On June 1, Nafisa Shams Company celebrated the production of one million products, marking a significant milestone since its establishment in 2008. The event was held at the Company’s headquarters in Jeddah, highlighting the accomplishments of Saudi women who have been part of the organisation for over a decade. Nafisa Shams Company is a specialised arts and crafts production facility under the Community Jameel Saudi Foundation, a philanthropic organisation that contributes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s social, economic, environmental and technical prosperity.


The event brought together several senior executives, female employees, and individuals who benefited from the company’s services. The accomplishment celebrates the objectives of Nafisa Shams Company, which include elevating the socioeconomics of Saudi women, unleashing their diverse skills and potential to enhance their social role, creating a high standard of quality for training and manufacturing ecosystems in arts and crafts, and creating Saudi-made products as an alternative to the low-quality imported counterfeits. Aligning with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, the Company’s business model promotes Arab and Islamic cultural identity, supports local products and industries, combats unemployment, and increases women’s participation in the labour market.


Based on the Company’s commitment to social responsibility and women’s economic empowerment, it developed multiple innovative business models. These models, such as the Work from Home Programme and the specialised Production Centre, provide opportunities for women with limited education to develop their skills and enter the workforce. These initiatives have resulted in the employment of 260 women to manufacture various products, including prayer rugs, robes, rosaries, uniforms, polo shirts, abayas, notebooks, plaques, art pieces, and more.


The Company offers training services to women on production techniques and provides them with raw materials. Once the production process is complete, Nafisa Shams Company purchases the final products and ensures they go through a series of quality checks, sorting, and packaging before dispatching them to the customers. This process allows the Company to generate financial revenues that fund its operations, which allows sustainable growth and collaboration with more women who benefit from valuable income opportunities.


Commenting on the event, Dr. May Taibah, a Member of the Board of Trustees at Community Jameel Saudi and Director of Nafisa Shams, said: “It brings us great joy to recognise the exceptional women in our community who have contributed to our achievement of producing one million artistic and handicraft products. Working closely with our employees has enabled us to witness their remarkable skills, potential, ambition, and eagerness to grow and improve. Thanks to our advanced technologies, we have been able to enhance their productivity, manage resources efficiently, support production projects, stay up-to-date with customer preferences, and connect with our individual and corporate customers.”


Najlaa Yousef Safdar, Digital Development Manager at Nafisa Shams, said: “The celebration ceremony hosted almost 250 women who have contributed and worked with us over the last ten years. The event celebrated and recognised the women’s hard work in achieving a significant milestone and inspired our employees to keep up their dedicated and admirable work. We promise to continue supporting and empowering them.”


Nafisa Shams remains committed to empowering Saudi women under the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The Company is dedicated to providing training and income opportunities for Saudi women through initiatives that provide a supportive environment for creativity and access to the latest technologies.

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