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20 January 2016

Nafisa Shams Products Marketed at Saudi Arabia International Airports

  • Women Empowerment

The products are a perfect example of women empowerment through training and gaining skills that enable them to join the workforce as professionals and producers in productions lines supported by the Academy. These lines include to date more than 200 female producers working within the ‘Working from Home’ program launched by the Academy in 2007, and progressing from no more than 100 prayer rugs per year, to 100,000 prayer rugs annually now.

Nafisa Shams Academy for Arts and Crafts aims to empower women and enhance craftsmanship in the Kingdom in order to provide jobs to women of different educational and economic levels, thus enabling them to achieve financial self-sufficiency. The Academy also seeks to develop production capacity of Saudi female artisans and provide the market with competitive local products.

Academy produces a verity of products including carpets, prayer robes, packaged versions of the Holy Quran, and accessories such as rosaries and collage products. This is in addition to handicraft skills related to ceramic and making souvenirs and artifacts inspired by the national heritage the Islamic culture.

These high quality creative products reflect the Academy’s objective of changing the stereotypical image of local craftsmanship, and ensuring that Saudi women can provide the local market with products that promote national identity and Islamic heritage and at a high quality, making such products the perfect gift a Saudi Arabia visitor can take home.

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