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24 September 2018

Social Charity Fund, Nafisa Shams reopen applications for Women’s Empowerment initiative

  • Women Empowerment
The Social Charity Fund (SCF) in collaboration with the Nafisa Shams Academy for Arts and Crafts have announced the reopening of applications to the 2nd phase of the Women’s Empowerment initiative.
Social Charity Fund, Nafisa Shams reopen applications for Women’s Empowerment initiative - 1

Aimed at providing training and empowerment to 200 Saudi women beneficiaries of social welfare or special needs support, the programme covers an array of training courses, including tailoring, embroidery, flower arranging and decoupage. Each course comprises introductory workshops, such as: the basics of art and design; tailoring and embroidery; social media marketing; business models; skills development; and counseling for trainees. On completion of the course, participants benefit from enhanced entrepreneurship skills and a deepened understanding of the pillars of successful entrepreneurship projects

Recognising an important element of a strong society, this initiative highlights the importance of increasing women’s participation in the job market, and ensuring they are financially independent and socially empowered.

Nafisa Shams is a training centre certified by from the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation since 2006. It aims to develop and support Saudi women and facilitate their entry into the job market. Nafisa Shams provides specialised professional and management training, as well as entrepreneurship training. It is an initiative of Community Jameel’s Bab Rizq Jameel.

The SCFis a national charitable and development organisation, providing empowerment to, and improving the living conditions of, its targeted communities. Through its scholarship programme, the SCF has provided 42,000 educational scholarships in different fields in demand in the labour market. The total number of beneficiaries from its small enterprise support programme was 22,750 beneficiaries, with a total fund value of SAR 59,195,148.

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